AUTISTIC TRAITS (an extensive list)

AUTISTIC TRAITS (an extensive list)


> No child with autism will have every trait listed

> Autistic traits are a spectrum creating a diversity of possibilities

> Every person with autism displays different traits during different circumstances and at varying degrees

> Identity of a person as an autistic is not formed by how many traits they have in this list

> The list will not have every autistic trait out there because who they are is INFINITE


* need for sameness/consistency (talk of routines)

* stimming with any of the senses

* under or overreaction to any of the senses

* eye contact is painful or uncomfortable

* meltdowns

* shutdowns

* photographic memory

* difficult with memory (short or long term)

* difficulty understanding timelines

* detail oriented (in seeing, thinking, speaking etc)

* tends to see the details rather than the bigger picture

* emotional regulation difficulty

* black and white thinking

* auditory processing issues

* sensory issues (over or under stimulation)

* social withdrawal

* does not read social cues

* cannot switch from one task to another on demand

* proprioception difficulties (stimuli to body movement & action)

* nonspeaking, semi-speaking & hyperverbal

* displays different facial expressions for emotions we’re feeling eg smiles when we’re sad

* trouble expressing ideas, thoughts and needs to others

* gives up on tasks not easily overcome

* trouble focusing

* needs repetition of instructions

* not a fan of small talk

* verbosity (being wordiness or using more words than needed)

* considered gifted or savant (a person with high level of knowhow/skill in one area, but usually less able in other fields)

* hands on/visual learners

* difficulty in lying (blatantly honest folks)

* different gait or posture

* has a different tone of voice, maybe monotone sometimes

* difficulty in understanding social hierarchies (eg teacher/parent is in charge)

* difficulties in taking turns (eg when it is our turn to speak)

* experiences intense, overwhelming emotions

* tantrums

* may not be interested in fantasy

* very rule oriented, it is hard to accept when rules are changed

* trouble understanding personal space

* interest in objects

* sensory seeking or sensory avoidance

* scripting – conversation rehearsing (echolalial and social scripting)

* copying another person’s mannerism (talk of social scripting)

* food selectivity (picky eaters/ same food lovers)

* impulsivity

* hyperactivity

* short attention span

* problems with fine or gross motor skills

* trouble understanding body language and facial expressions

* difficulty seeing from another persons perspective

* difficulties with interoception (not knowing when hungry or when to go to toilet)

* prolonged staring/eaves dropping

* lack of fear towards danger

* sees, interacts with, understands and interprets the world in a completely different way

* sensitivity to the moods, energy and emotions around us

* difficulty telling left from right and compass directions

* stronger connections to animals

* intuition or sixth sense

* separation anxiety

* inability to multitask

* low or high threshold for feeling things physically (pain, heat, cold)


Here, a comorbidity refers to something you may be more likely to have alongside being autistic. Importantly to note, being autistic does not cause comorbidities!

* anxiety

* depression

* sleep problems

* gastrointestinal problems

* headaches/migraines

* seizures

* attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

* dyslexia

* dyspraxia

* dyscalculia

* motion sickness/vertigo

* Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)

* tourette syndrome

* eating disorders

* sensory processing disorder

Thank you for reading through, share and help educate a friend! AUTISTIC TRAITS (an extensive list)

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