Holmeside At A Glance

Holmeside at a glance

Holmeside School is an educational institution for pupils/students with special learning difficulties whether it is Life Skills, Social Skills, Academic Skills or Behavioral Challenges. These learning difficulties necessitate the need for special education. Special needs teachers and other professionals at Holmeside develops a unique IEP (Individualized Education Program) for each student as an important instrument to best educate the child and nurture their skills and talents. Holmeside At A Glance

To get the best IEP for every child, the teachers must first understand the child, their interests and how they learn best. This is achieved by carrying out the initial assessment on the child.

To measure progress and detect problem areas, each IEP is regularly updated from time to time.

The school educates children from Year 1 to Year 11 and follows the British International Curriculum. For students pursuing academics, special access arrangements are provided for them during exams e.g. according the candidates additional exam time, services of an interpreter during exams among others.

Holmeside At A Glance

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