Vision Mission and Values Statements

Vision Statement

Vision Mission and Values Statements , Holmeside School Vision is to be the best institution providing an enriching and therapeutic learning environment, where students of different abilities are supported all along the journey to become independent and self confident young adults who can easily integrate back into their communities and contribute to nation building. Our vision is aligned with the needs of our learners and we endeavor to tap and develop any budding talents from each child. Vision Mission and Values Statements forms the foundation of the school.

Values Statement

Vision Mission and Values Statements , Our organizational values include respect for diversity, challenge and customization, care and dedication, professionalism, love for what we do, among others. These values are aligned with the school Vision Mission and Values Statements as well as the unique needs of our learners. Every member of staff and all stakeholders are bound by these important values in the course of furtherance of their duties and responsibilities in the school. Vision Mission and Values Statements are very critical since they are the drivers of school organization

Mission Statement

Vision Mission and Values Statements , Our mission which is aligned with the school Vision Mission and Values Statements, is to help each child achieve the best learning outcomes of their unique potential by first getting to know them, understand their interests and how they learn most effectively.  Vision Mission and Values Statements are crucial to our success.

Why Choose Our School

Holmeside School is not your typical special needs education school. Since our establishment, we have made a name for ourselves for helping students with developmental and learning challenges become independent and self-confident young adults who can play a vital role within the society and contribute to nation building. We are known for helping students overcome barriers where other schools fail.
Holmeside School’s experienced and highly qualified staffs use a unique holistic approach to support each student and help them become global leaders in the future. We believe that each child’s potential is unique and it is our job to nurture that potential and develop any budding talents.
Holmeside School is undoubtedly the premier special needs institution in the country and globally. We are known for providing a therapeutic and enriching learning environment where students with different abilities can succeed in academics, sports, social activities, and vocational training. Fill in the form below if you are ready to kick start your child’s journey to self-independence, self-confidence and excellence.

Special Education Needs (SEN)

We educate mild to moderate special education needs children through a team of qualified teachers, other professionals and support staff.

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The ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapy based on the science of learning and behavior.

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Food and Nutrition

At Holmeside, we also employ nutrition-based therapy for children showing strong symptoms of Autism & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

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