Why Join Holmeside School?


Holmeside school is the best multicultural day and boarding special needs school in Kenya.  Our approach to teaching is based on the individual learning needs of each child. We educate children with developmental, behavioral and learning difficulties.

  • Individualized Assessment for Interventions Planning

  • Individualized Education Plans for Progress Tracking

  • Intensive Early Interventions

  • Holistic Therapy Services

  • Dietary Interventions

  • Vocational Hands-on Skills Training

  • Individualized Transition Plans for learners undertaking vocations

  • Experienced educators and well trained caregivers

  • Special Access Arrangements on Candidates Sitting for International Examinations.

  • Boarding School with a home-like setup

  • Parents and Caregivers Training

  • Routine Morning Sensory Circuit Activities

  • Routine Mid-morning Brain Gym Exercises

A sensory circuit is a form of sensory integration intervention. It involves a sequence of physical activities that are designed to alert, organize and calm the child. The sensory circuit aims to facilitate sensory processing to help children regulate and organize their senses in order to achieve optimum level of alertness necessary for effective learning. Sensory circuits should ideally be completed in the morning to help children settle and engage better in classroom or at different times of the day as part of a sensory diet to help children regulate.

Brain Gym is a series of movements done with the intention to “wake up” the brain or stimulate brain functions. It involves exercises designed to help the brain function better during the learning process. These exercises are based on the idea that certain simple specific physical exercises help blood flow to the brain thus making the brain stay alert. Examples of Brain Gym exercises include: Brain Buttons, Cross Crawl, Lazy Eights, Positive Points etc.

  • Fine & gross motor skills development.

  • Improve skills on the activities of daily living

  • Improve balance, movement and body coordination

  • Improve visual-perceptual skills

  • Improve concentration span

  • Improve eye-hand coordination

  • Sensory processing/integration

Holmeside School.

Every Potential Is Unique.

Admission is ongoing you can send an email to  info@holmesideschool.ac.ke to arrange a visit at a time that suits you. You can also fill our contact form and our support team will get in touch as soon as possible.

Why Join Holmeside?